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Realm of Kingdoms


The Realm of Kingdoms Forums are great for discussing feature additions, game strategy, and general discussion regarding the game, feel free to join the friendly community!


Not sure how to play Realm of Kingdoms? Feel free to check out the games extensive guides that'll explain the games mechanics in detail!


Need help with a personal concern such as billing, or private acccount info? Feel free to email the dedicated Realm of Kingdoms support team!

Forge Engine


Forge Engine Answers is a good place to both search for solved questions, ask your own, and help your fellow developers solve their own problems!


The Forge Engine Wiki contains full scripting documentation, in depth explanations and tutorials of each aspect of the engine and a lot more!


The Forge Engine forums contain development principles, free content, working scripts, discussions with fellow developers, bug reports, and developer logs!


Developer Blog

Check out our developer blog! We constantly post our daily progress on our technologies, games, miscellaneous projects, and a ton more!

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