Hitachi – Project Sight

Hitachi - Project Sight

Mobile AR Application


Concept Softworks working in partnership with 4 Roads developed a mobile application for Hitachi Vantara used to render Hitachi server racks in AR using either an iPhone or iPad. This was a proof of concept, that plays with ideas such as using AR for maintenance assistance and getting systems status from the machine.

For this applications we setup a project in Unity using ARToolkit. From there, we created high quality server models and began creating UI flows to interface with the server, such as seeing diagnostics and simulated maintenance. In addition, with the use of QR code placed on a real world server rack, diagnostics can be displayed around it just like with the simulated rack that are rendered.

The project had a quick two month delivery period so that it could be featured at Hitachi NEXT Convention, October 2019. The project was completed on time and delivered where it was demoed at the convention.

Status: Released

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