Massive Multiplayer Online Action-RPG


Daggervale was the first game developed by Concept Softworks and released 2012 and is enjoyed by thousands of gamers all over the world. In early 2018, Concept Softworks started revamping the game with plans to re-release it in 2020 with improved graphics, multiplayer support, and a large overhaul of core gameplay mechanics.

The game will also pivot from it’s traditional paid-app business model into a free-to-play model supported by micro transactions. We hope that be removing the cost of entry (and keeping the micro transactions fair!) that it will lead to more people joining a rich gaming community

As a special thanks to all our fans and their support over these years, all players who have played the original Daggervale will receive a special gift when the game is re-released!

Status: Released, Remaster in Development

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