Call 4 Help

Call 4 Help

Hospital Messaging App


Doctors on the front line living through the Covid-19 crisis every day have asked for a better way to do their jobs. A better way to save lives. Large numbers of non-ICU specialist health care workers are being very rapidly retrained to work in intensive care units around the world. They frequently need help: often just answering questions, or getting the right equipment moved where its needed or finding the right person to call in.

Until now that has often been done on large WhatsApp groups, that can be chaotic, inefficient and even unsafe.

In response to this, Dr Peter Young MD, FFICM, FRCA, DA, MB ChB who is Chair of for the 10,000+ Anesthesiologists responsible for the Covid19 response in the UK, has specifically asked for this app to be implemented starting in The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn, UK and scaling out.

Three companies from the UK and the US, Kulestar, 4 Roads and Concept Softworks have had 20 developers working round the clock at no cost to get this specialized app finished in a week.

This app improves communications between healthcare professionals within hospitals, making treatment quicker and more efficient. It also helps to stop the waste of precious PPE as people have to leave the hot areas to get help, removing infected PPE and then put on new fresh PPE when going back in.Huge thanks to GoDaddy who donated towards the cost of the domain, and also to DigitalOcean for providing the hosting free of charge in support of this initiative.

Status: Released

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